Youth learn about machining technology at Metalex Manufacturing in Blue Ash

BLUE ASH, Ohio — Recently I got the chance to take a few young folks from Gardner Business Media (publisher of Modern Machine Shop) to Metalex Manufacturing, a contract machine shop in Blue Ash, Ohio, that has some huge, advanced machine tools. The shop hosted an open house to celebrate NASA’s Space Flight Awareness Award it received with the support of some of its big aerospace customers for the work it has done machining critical components for the Orion and Space Launch programs.

PHOTO: Metalex Manufacturing employee introducing Gardner Business Media youth to machining technology. The group learned the importance of inspection and measurement. Photo provided.

My group included my son Ryan, Madeline Kline (our company’s marketing special projects coordinator) as well as Jack Kline, Hannah Coombs, Katie Cattell and Max Egan (MMS summer interns). Most had never been to a machine shop, so I thought it’d be a good opportunity for them to see a good example of a shop that has millions of dollars’ worth of high-end equipment, but also knows it still needs to empower its people and establish the right corporate culture to be successful. Plus, we got to hear astronaut Brian Duffy tell some neat space stories, which I don’t get to experience on my normal shop visits.

After the visit, I asked each of them to write about things they found interesting or surprising about the event itself, the company, the technology, the people…whatever they liked. What follows is an overview of what they said.

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