Bettcher Industries breaks new ground with Birmingham Innovation Center

BIRMINGHAM, Ohio — Bettcher Industries, Inc., a leading worldwide developer and manufacturer of innovative equipment for food processing, foodservice, industrial and medical markets, announces the opening of its new Bettcher Innovation Center (BIC).

Designed to accelerate innovation throughout all aspects of Bettcher’s business, the BIC is housed in a central location on the global company’s headquarters campus in northeast Ohio. It is a multi-use facility that enables conceptual testing, demonstrations, and strategic collaboration among employees as well as with Bettcher’s customers and business partners.

The new Innovation Center will be used by all employees; however, Bettcher’s R&D, engineering, sales and marketing teams will be heavy users due to their strategic nature or customer-centric business activities. In addition, the BIC will serve as a venue for meetings and events aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of evolving customer or macro trends in the industry. These activities include the “Bettcher Idea Factory” team that hosts monthly ideation sessions internally, along with end-user focus groups and “voice of the customer” new product development discovery sessions. Check for Bettcher Industries jobs here.

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