MetoKote adds innovative coating technology

LIMA, Ohio — Custom coating applicator MetoKote has launched an innovate electrocoating technology at its base in Ohio.

The company’s Powercron AdvantEdge is a next-generation high-edge cationic-epoxy product formulated with a proprietary metal-free catalyst that eliminates the need for dibutyl tin and other scarce or restricted heavy metals as catalyzing agents.

“Our customers’ requirements for additional corrosion protection and more environmentally friendly materials continue to increase,” said Brent Schwartz, VP engineering. “The benefits of using high-edge materials, in particular the Powercron AdvantEdge product, allow us to keep up with these requirements.”

AdvantEdge electrocoat is specifically engineered to provide high-edge protection of cut, stamped or formed edges on complex metal parts. Powercron AdvantEdge e-coat offers several performance advantages over e-coats formulated with conventional metal-based catalyzing technologies. These include curing at temperatures as low as 320 F to reduce energy use and related carbon emissions, as well as excellent workability, a smooth film appearance, enhanced throwpower and excellent corrosion resistance.

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