AT&F expands manufacturing capabilities

CLEVELAND, Ohio — AT&F has expanded its large-scale metal fabrication services to include an innovative five-axis water jet cutting system at its facility in Cleveland.

The water jet cutting system allows AT&F to cut and process a variety of materials, including titanium, stainless steel aluminum and composite materials, providing a solution when a heat-affected zone is undesirable.

The five-axis head design will allow for a variety of intricate and complex angle cuts from 0-90 degrees, including beveled edges and weld landings. In addition, the system possesses one of the largest cutting envelopes available, able to handle sections of material up to 14 feet by 30 feet and up to 15 inches thick.

The addition of water jet technology allows AT&F to complement its other cutting technologies, giving customers a full spectrum of material cutting services.

“This new technology allows us to bring additional services to our customer base,” said Ken Hagan, AT&F’s vice president of Business Unit Operations. “We are now a one-stop shop for all material-cutting requirements, even on projects that require complex cutting and processing on specialized materials.”

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